This information is for those who have purchased the Heartstrings Take Out kit with the flip flap expansion. If it makes no sense to you, then you must have stumbled in here by mistake!!

These are snapshots taken with my phone to show you what each part of the flip flap page looks like finished. The idea is to give you a general (even fuzzy) idea of what the pieces you have in each individual flip flap look like put together. You should use these pictures in conjunction with the written instructions that were sent to you in an email. THESE are truly multi media instructions. You also should've received a video in a text message!

Here's what the left hand page looks like finished. There are NO flip flaps on this page.
 Here are some close ups of some of the stamping.

flip flap layout closed

8 inch flip flap front

4 inch flip flap front

opening the left side

inside of 8 inch flip flap

opening right side

inside of 4 inch flip flap

two six inch flip flaps closed

two sides (8 and 4 inch) played open

bottom six inch flip flap

top six inch flip flap (sooooooo easy!!)

opening top flip flap

inside of top six inch flip flap (second most easy)

opening bottom 6 inch flip flap

inside of bottom 6 inch flip flap

The whole thing open

The center page (This is the page protector that all of the flip flaps are attached to.)

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