Tuesday, September 1, 2015

URBAN Take Out Kit

I'm always excited to announce a new Take Out kit for your scrapbooking pleasure. A Take Out kit is a pre-cut scrapbook kit that you can assemble with just a scissors and adhesive. You can apply your own creativity and use additional tools or supplies but these can be put together with minimal effort.

This month I'm featuring the Urban Paper Pack, Silver Foil Tape and Enamel & Glitter Duos Blue. My goal when creating is to make something I like. If you like it too then this Take Out kit can be yours. There are two ways to purchase ... Light or Loaded. Basically that means either just the paper cut up for you and you embellish it as you wish OR the paper and full packages of the embellishments.

This month there are three layouts. There's a wide range of things you can scrapbook using the Urban papers. As you can see here, I threw in a girly element in case you think this paper is just for boys!!

The Light version of this kit is $17. The Loaded version is $28. You have until September 13th to preorder this kit. That gives me enough time to purchase the products, cut the kits and have them ready for delivery by the end of the month. 

A completed order includes letting me know you want one AND paying for it by the end of the pre-order period. There's a PayPal button below to pay by credit card OR you can mail me a check. Please contact me at shellynemitz@gmail.com with an order or any questions. 

I can't wait to make these for you to put your own photos on.


Friday, July 31, 2015

Zoe Take Out Kit

I'm happy to announce that there's a new paper pack in town. Her name is Zoe and I have made a scrapbooking take out kit with all of her lovely patterns. What's a take out kit? It's a package of precut papers ready for you to adhere together and add your photos. I've done all the designing and cutting. There are no stamps to be used. Everything you need is in the kit.

I will be offering two levels of this kit. It's an all or nothing sort of thing. Since I run my CTMH business with a restaurant theme it's like ordering off of the light menu or celebrating with a dinner that even includes dessert. I have no name for this yet so I'm just calling it "light" or "loaded".

Here are the layouts ...

Let's talk about the LOADED version first ... Everything you see in these layouts is included in the loaded version. The only thing you won't get are the photos! (and the number 17 on the first layout).

You WILL receive all of the cut up paper, coral shimmer trim, enamel and glitter triangles, bitty sparkles, coral reef sequins and all the cardstock added to create Cricut cuts and mats. You will also receive all of the scraps left over. (just like a restaurant ... there are leftovers)

For the LIGHT version you will only receive paper. Of course your paper will be cut up but there are NO embellishments or extra packages of things. (you also won't get the number 17 from the first layout) I'm offering this for those who have a stash of embellishments they're working to use up. So if you see a triangle, sequin, bling or shimmer trim on this layout you will not be receiving it with this option. The sparkly heart will just be cardstock in your kit since it's covered with shimmer trim.

If you order light and want JUST some embellishments you will need to order them separately.  There will be no substitutions in the Loaded kit. I'm trying to make this easy for everyone.

So TWO choices ... TWO prices. The LIGHT kit is $17 and the LOADED is $36. It's simple! You can contact me personally or use to PayPal button below to place your order. You can order through August 10th. The kits will be ready by August 31st. Contact me at 612-240-8308 with questions. This kit can also be shipped to you for an extra $5.


Friday, April 3, 2015

April Birthday Card Banquet, Make Reservations NOW

Everyone is invited to come and make the Blossom Workshop On The Go Birthday cards with me on Thursday, April 16th from 4 to 8PM.  Please contact me with your reservation by April 9th.

Here's what we'll be making ...

Here's how it works ... I will have the cards in the kit cut up and ready to stamp and assemble for you. There will be stamping stations set up (like the good ol' days for those who have attended in the past).  If you don't talk too much you will complete 15 cards in three different designs. (hahahaha) You don't need to arrive at exactly 4PM but you should arrive before 6PM in order to finish.

YOU bring your own adhesive and scissors.

There are three different ways to attend this event.

Purchase the complete WOTG Kit - $28  
     When you choose this option you will go home with the 15 cards, extra embellishments (twine and sequins), a little extra paper AND a full sized stamp set to use on additional projects in the future. The stamp set alone is a $17.95 value.

Purchase JUST the 15 cards - $19 

     When you choose this option you will go home with the 15 cards and the extra embellishments. You will NOT get any extra paper or a stamp set.
Purchase 3 cards (one of each design) - $6 

     When you choose this option you will go home with 3 cards and extra sequins. 

Everyone who attends can add additional sets of 3 cards for $4. 

Of course you have to make a reservation for this event so I will know exactly how many kits to order and how many cards to cut up. Your payment is your registration. Just use the PayPal button below OR contact me by email at shellynemitz@gmail.com.

Birthday Card Banquet

Thursday, April 2, 2015

April Take Out Kit ... OPTIONS

Here are the new Take Out kits ... available RIGHT NOW!!!

YES ... I said kits, plural. The next few months of my life will be pretty busy so I'm offering two kits at the same time in April. I've done something fun and made the same pattern twice using two different paper packs. Here they are arranged by paper packs.

The Brushed Paper Pack ...

The Blossom Paper Pack ...

Just for fun here's what the same layout looks like with the two different paper packs.

The deadline to pre-order these kits is April 12th. That's the last day. My goal is to have these delivered to everyone before the end of April.  

There are two different ways to order these. Only two?? It's hard to believe, isn't it? You can order the two layouts with a half of a paper pack ($18) or a full pack ($22). Each kit will come with the paper pieces cut and ready to assemble, a complements pack (stickers) and a full package of bubbles. You will also keep any scraps that result from the process of making these.

So here's all you have to decide ... which paper pack do you want ... Blushed or Blossom? AND how much paper would you like to have left over from that pack? These are both beautiful papers that you will want to create with over and over again!

You can start contacting me now by email ... shellynemitz@gmail.com OR order using the Pay Pal button below. You can also add shipping and I will mail these to your house. Of course you aren't limited to just one paper pack. If you want them both I'm happy to make you two. 

April Take Out Kits

Thank You for checking this out. I can't wait to create these kits for you.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Hopscotch Take Out Kit

I'm so very excited to introduce to you this month's Take Out scrapbooking kit using the Hopscotch Paper Packet and coordinating elements. The products used for these layouts will be retiring at the end of March. Here's a way to make sure that you don't miss out!!

There are THREE layouts in the kit this month. Why? Because I just couldn't stop creating with this wonderful paper. It goes with everything you've ever taken a picture of. OK, that might be an exaggeration. I've worked hard to make these layouts be general topics so that you can use them for almost anything. In addition you don't have to do much cropping. Your 4x6 photos will pretty much stay just as they are.

Here are the basic layouts ...

If you want to see the following two layouts with pictures on them AND get a closer look at some of the embellishments click HERE. This will take you to my other blog where I featured these layouts in a recent Rose Blossoms Blog Hop.

In addition to these three layouts I'm offering an option using the Workshop On The Go. Here are the two layouts that you will be able to make with that kit. These are designed by the artists at Close To My Heart. Aren't they awesome??? I'm adding this option for those who love to add stamping to their layouts. It's definitely a step up from just the basic layouts.

Are you ready to order? Here are the facts ...

Pre-orders are being taken from right now through Tuesday, February 24th. That gives you a little over a week to let me know you want to make these and get your payment to me. You can pay me directly or use your credit cards and order with my fancy new paypal button below!! I'm willing to mail these kits. Just add $5 to your order to have everything mailed to you once it's all cut up and packaged. (this is a separate PayPal button below)

These layouts can be pre-ordered one of four ways ... remember that we're working with a restaurant theme here!! Every version comes with all of the pieces cut and ready for you to assemble. That include all Cricut cuts, even for the WOTG layouts. You can order just the main course, the main course with leftovers, the main course with leftovers AND side dishes OR the whole buffet!! (LOL) 

1 - Main Course ($19) ... everything you need to make the 3 layouts only. You will NOT have any extra papers to work with (leftovers).
2 - Main Course with Leftovers ($25) ... you will be able to make the layouts shown and more. With this option you get all of the papers from the paper pack that I don't cut up!!
3 - Main Course, Leftovers and Side Dishes ($36) ... The same as number two but instead of just the exact amount of the various embellishments used you will receive a FULL package of Flaxen Twine, a FULL package of the Junebug Puffy Stickers and a FULL packages of Gold Sequins
4 - Whole Buffet ($55) ... You will receive everything that's in the Workshop On The Go plus full packages of all of the items needed to complete the first three layouts. You will have all five layouts cut for you. For the WOTG layouts you will need to do some stamping using the stamp set that's included in the WOTG.  You will need to have Flaxen, Glacier, Slate and  Smoothie ink pads. You can also add the SOTM (Stamp of the Month) to this order for $6.

Use the PayPal buttons here to order OR contact me by sending an email to shellynemitz@gmail.com. You can also call me at 651/484-4613.

Order your Hopscotch Kit with Paypal 

To ADD Shipping in addition to the price of the kit click here. Please contact me by email with your address.