Thursday, April 17, 2014

Altered "Recipe"

Do you ever get a recipe from someone and change it up? Maybe it has an ingredient your family doesn't like. OR you have something in your refrigerator that you could use up? 

This week I received the card below in the mail. Isn't it adorable??? I love everything about it except the labor!! That beautiful "patterned" paper is hand stamped. I don't do that! So ... Close To My Heart paper to the rescue. Same idea only a whole lot easier. 

Thank you to Anne Rukke for letting me copy her card. It's only fitting that I show you here because Anne is on the Pretty Pieces team. I'm hoping to show you what the other girls cook up in the future.


  1. Both cards are so sweet! And I'm loving your ideas on this blog!

  2. Thanks Kim ... I might be coming here for inspiration myself!!

  3. Such darling work and the little comments are so fitting with your Blog Name! Love it Shelly!