Thursday, April 2, 2015

April Take Out Kit ... OPTIONS

Here are the new Take Out kits ... available RIGHT NOW!!!

YES ... I said kits, plural. The next few months of my life will be pretty busy so I'm offering two kits at the same time in April. I've done something fun and made the same pattern twice using two different paper packs. Here they are arranged by paper packs.

The Brushed Paper Pack ...

The Blossom Paper Pack ...

Just for fun here's what the same layout looks like with the two different paper packs.

The deadline to pre-order these kits is April 12th. That's the last day. My goal is to have these delivered to everyone before the end of April.  

There are two different ways to order these. Only two?? It's hard to believe, isn't it? You can order the two layouts with a half of a paper pack ($18) or a full pack ($22). Each kit will come with the paper pieces cut and ready to assemble, a complements pack (stickers) and a full package of bubbles. You will also keep any scraps that result from the process of making these.

So here's all you have to decide ... which paper pack do you want ... Blushed or Blossom? AND how much paper would you like to have left over from that pack? These are both beautiful papers that you will want to create with over and over again!

You can start contacting me now by email ... OR order using the Pay Pal button below. You can also add shipping and I will mail these to your house. Of course you aren't limited to just one paper pack. If you want them both I'm happy to make you two. 

April Take Out Kits

Thank You for checking this out. I can't wait to create these kits for you.

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