Saturday, February 18, 2017

Pretty Pieces Cafe Open in February

It's time for the Pretty Pieces Cafe to be open at my house. On Thursday, February 23 from 10am to 8pm we'll be making cards, you can pick up (and make) your pre-ordered Take Out kits or you can pay $5 to come be with us and do your own thing.

Cards are $2.50 for the first four cards and $2 for each card after that. If you make 10 or more they're all $2 each.

You can make the cards shown here and more. If you'd like to come make your reservation with me by email ( and let me know what time you'll be here. In your email you can also "reserve" two cards that you'd like to be sure to make when you're here. You can choose your two from any of the cards shown here. Just use the sentiment to identify the cards you'd like to reserve. I hope to see you on Thursday.

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