Wednesday, August 13, 2014

PML Card Banquet

One of the goals in the Pretty Pieces Café is to have a Banquet at least once a month. What's a Banquet?? It's just a fancy name for a class. The event has a start time and an end time. Everyone who attends will be making the same thing at the same time.  I will be the "teacher". You might even learn something.

Guess how long it took me to make this card? Did you guess under 10 minutes? CTMH Picture My Life (PML) cards make it fun and easy to create something adorable at a record speed. AND of course if you want to get all fussy you can do that too. I fought the urge to go further with this. It's important to know that you can make cute things fast.
Here are the Banquet details...
     WHO - YOU and nine other people. There are enough supplies for 10 people.   
     WHAT - make six different cards using PML products and a whole lot more!     
     WHEN - Thursday, August 21st at 10am or 6pm (two hours class)
     WHERE - my house in Shoreview
     WHY - it's fun AND productive all at the same time
The cost for 6 cards is $10 per person. You will need to bring adhesive & scissors. All kinds of other tools will be available for you to use. A buffet of embellishments will also be available in colors that match these cards. It's going to be a lot of creative fun. There are no pre-designed cards in this class. You will have to add in your own creativity. BUT if you look at the card above all I did was adhere the floral card to card stock, tie a ribbon around it and add some bling. EVERYONE can do this.

Here's another card. Of course you can stamp on these too. It's a great way to use a stamp set you purchased because you love it but you don't know want to design something from scratch. Please feel free to bring your own stamp sets to add to your cards. All of the inks & blocks you need will be here.

I made this so you can see that it's not always about pre-decorated PML cards. Here's what these two cards looked like before I got out my washi tape and stamps.

Can you see what I did??

Contact me starting NOW!! Remember that there's limited space. Feel free to bring a friend. Send an email to to register or ask questions.

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